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There's something just not quite right with Cal Rifkin's newest single, "Break My Heart". But in the best way possible.

Their debut music video leans heavily into the lo-fi vibe with cheesy greenscreen technology and almost non-sequitur antics. But, like any good indie rock song, each choice is layered with meaning.

When Erik Grimm softly opens, "I'm more into you than you're into me," there's something broken in his spirit. And yet, it's completely at odds with his guitar riffs. The contrast of sad and fun, lethargic and energetic, silly and serious, plays throughout every beat.

By the time Keith Butler, Jr. plays his first drum fill, we're rooting for this invisible lover to "come on and break my heart in two," as the chorus explains. We agree, "it'll be the best thing you can do."

The disjointed yet unified feeling carries into the mismatched actions in the music video. As Erik throws a baseball, bassist Robin Rhodes swings a skateboard and strikes out as Keith catches the basketball. No typosβ€”the scenario is just that silly.

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"I was never all that good at telling lies," they admit. But they are good at having fun with this happy, bouncy, slightly dancy sad song.

Watch "Break My Heart" below.

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