Buster Baer - Get Deeper

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Breakup songs are usually sad, slow, and often salty affairs. Buster Baer flips that with an optimistic attitude and upbeat harmony in their latest single, “Get Deeper”.

Jovial yet intense, “Get Deeper” tells the tale of two lovers who haven’t fallen out of love, but one realizes they need to learn to love themselves if they’re ever going to make this work. “I think I love you enough to leave you for your own sake.” Set over an almost happy chord progression, there’s hope and love and pain and sorrow all mixed into a single sentence.

And that balance of emotions carries into every element. The lyrics may be simple and deep but the vocal techniques and instrumentation they use to paint the text are quirky and fun. Vocal slides flip into ends of sentences. Repeated strikes to a bell create a growing high-pitched hum that’s one part warning klaxon and one part sympathetic suffering.

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While the single’s out now, the 4-song EP, Mock Twain promises more tender and flippant tracks to come.

Stream “Get Deeper” below.


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