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This collab between Detroit-based Bryan Hugo Iglesias and Jacob Sigman is a poppy, punchy indie pop rock anthem whose release could not be better timed. The lyrics offer a message of encouragement and the much-needed reminder to us all that particularly amidst the uncertainty of recent times, we must go on and live for today.

Without wasting time, the initial piano notes lead us into Sigman's clear vocals just before the bouncy bass kicks in. We are shortly thereafter ushered into the absolute earworm of a chorus. The entrance of Iglesias' warmer, softer vocals proceeds with the second verse. Iglesias and Sigman's vocals differ just enough in tone to stand apart from one another and give more texture to the song but not clash as the Sigman-forward chorus emerges again.

The poppy push from note to note driven by an appropriately uncomplicated drumbeat never bores or loses the listener's attention throughout the number, which concludes with another chorus with harmoniously layered vocals followed by an upbeat synth-driven outro.

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"Live Today" has a fresh, modern sound while unmistakably harkening back to a classic rock 'n' roll essence and is downright artfully constructed. This ear candy tune is the encouraging pat on the back so many of us need right now.

Listen to "Live Today" below.

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