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Brother Starling - Stand With Me

Some songs are just written for stadiums. The opening anthemic guitar bouncing up the octave, the catchy vocal hook powering through short lyrics, and the classic drums pounding forwardβ€”Brother Starling's newest single, "Stand With Me", demands a crowd.

The Philly quintet of Geremiah Giampa (vocals, guitar), Mike Rusch (guitar), Joe Ryan (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Brian Finucane (bass), and Tom Mellon (drums, vocals) wanted to write a song filled with optimism that spoke to the divided America they live in. With lyrics like "red, black, and blue," they evoke the beating the American Dream has suffered.

Racism, poverty, political division, and more bubble up in the lyrics. But Brother Starling offers hope, "what will be won't always be, let's see." By standing together, America can reshape its trajectory.

It's a visceral plea for healing. Mike Rusch wears his heart on his guitar with striding licks that mix southern rock elements with a touch of Yankee sentiment. "Could we change the world, or more?" Geremiah Giampa rhetorically asks. Of course we can.

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Stream "Stand With Me" below.

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