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England-born Brendan Lewes calls Kiel, Germany home now. And like the rest of the world, 2020 forced him to think creatively. Online streaming, drive-in audiences, and even plexiglass walls in his local pub became part of this musician's life.

It's the perfect time for his latest album, 9 Songs Sung from the End, which focuses on how we're "politically, socially, and environmentally hurtling toward a cliff edge."

Together with The Gambling Ambers, Lewes travels through the failings of modern society, our environmental collapse, and the struggles of living the working musician's life. The third song in this release, "Northward Bound", walks that warm and dusty road, weary of today yet waiting for tomorrow.

Opening with raw folk power, percussion and guitar gallop out of the gates. The rhythm carries the rock, the strumming guitar holds the folk, and there is just enough smoke in the vocals to evoke the blues.

The first bars string all of Lewes' influences into a neat package with The Gambling Ambers' rich and timeless timbre.

"Headed northward bound," they lament. "I swear I've seen this road before" or "to find a little peace of mind" follow, trudging through the reverberating sea of sound, coloring the verse.

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The lead guitar trails behind, announcing the 16-bar saxophone solo—unmasked longing illustrated by a piercing held note.

"Northward Bound" is a solitary drive that brings the best of the blues to the modern folk and rock scene.

Stream the whole album below.

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