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Thursday, July 18, 2024

"Hell Yeah!" pulls you into a synth abyss bathed in tidal waves of piano that underlie crisp vocals to carry the arc of this meditative piece. At the intersection of electronics and mystique this single offers a channel to reflect on isolation, a theme all too prevalent since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The symphonic prowess of this track is brought to us by singer-songwriter Mike Barrett, who records and performs under the moniker Brand New Moon in London. Like the ebb and flow of waves patterns in the ocean, "Hell Yeah!" rocks listeners back and forth through its swelling and minimalist instrumentals that support Barrett's commentary on the dualities of solitude.

"Hell yeah, broken but in control" sings the opening line of the piece that then winds through reflections on the self and its relationship with this "tangled up world." Like all things in life and nature there is good and bad that accompanies separation from other humans. "Just me and my mirror, man/ No complications/ Getting cold out here/ Cold out here."

For meditation enthusiasts, solitude can be a necessary recipe for self-reflection and strengthening of spiritual meditative practices. In many ways, this track embodies not only sorrow, but also peace and the much-needed space that leads to an enlightened path.

Barrett released his first album in 2018 with plans to release his second on Same Page Records due out this year.

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Watch the official music video for "Hell Yeah!" below.

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