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Friendship is honestly, a pretty broad term. Like, what goes into your head when you hear the word "friend?" Is it someone you just hang out with, or is it something that goes even deeper than that? Some will say that for them, a friendship is all about having people that can comfort you through it all, and some will say that friends are the people who annoy the hell out of you, but in the end you kind of just forget about the problems because of it.

Well, Bob Li Beats and Dave Koda's latest release, "Champagne Friends", is for those people who consider themselves their greatest friends. Yeah, it's a bit sad when you hear about it, but experiencing it is way, way different than you think.

And that's exactly what the track gives off with its vibe, it's a tad self-deprecating, but it also tells you "hey, it's fine being alone." That you can have fun without the need for any third parties in your life. You're the main character, so you don't need anything else but yourself.

It might be the upbeat instrumental or the smooth vocals by Dave Koda, but it really does give you confidence in situations where it might seem really lonely. It's definitely something that caters to introverts the most, but don't be surprised when even the most outgoing people are listening to it. After all, it's a pretty damn good bop.

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Stream "Champagne Friends" below.

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