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Simple is the hardest thing to pull off. But Blake Morgan does it in his latest single, "Down Below or Up Above". Set to be part of his upcoming album, Violent Delights, to be released on May 20, 2022, "Down Below or Up Above" is a simple love song masterfully told.

Morgan describes it as "2021's answer to 'Every Breath You Take' but without the creep stalker/surveillance aspect." And that's spot on. From the opening bars, you can feel his pop and rock instincts. The guitar, bass, and drums are there but they're just setting the stage for his magnificent vocals.

And with clear and heartfelt lyrics, that melody soars. The harmony slowly changes, building moments for Morgan's crystal tenor, setting up words for him to linger on for maximum impact. By stretching "go" out he sets up the catchy chorus and rockets into the rising and falling of the eponymous line, "down below or up above."

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This native New Yorker has built up a well-deserved following, recording with greats and performing sold-out concerts. With those melodic twists and intricate control over each musical line, it's easy to see why. And it's easy to see why a simple love song can become something you should put on repeat.

Stream "Down Below or Up Above" below.

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