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Don't you just want to go back to the early '00s sometimes? A lot of people would say that the music during those times is the peak of this generation. Funky, rocky, groovy, and whatever else fun adjective you can attach the letter "y" to.

North Carolina-based band Billingsley's latest release titled "Long Shot" doesn't just have the ability to incorporate all of these, but they're also able to pull off the style of lyrics and singing that you probably thought was just a piece of a bygone era.

"Long Shot" has a pretty simple premise: it's a song about nutting up and getting the courage to make your move! Stylized as a sort of a love letter to a particular woman named Emma, the lyrics tell of the narrator's desire to be with her, despite having other options.

Speaking of the lyrics, they're light and fun, complemented by the early 2000s-style vocals and instrumentals of the song. They're not complex at all, nor does it cater to a specific age-group, making the song relatable for everyone.

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Not only does "Long Shot" give you that nostalgic feeling of listening to music from all those years ago, but it can definitely give you that shot of adrenaline that you need to shoot your shot.

Stream the song below.

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