Baby in the 90s - Chipmunk

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“It’s all just a few things,” Baby in the 90s postulate in their latest single, “Chipmunk”. Those few things? “Maybe earth, sky, and skin.” From that lofty simplification, they pull a melodic blend of surrealism and metaphysical truths into a smooth story.

While sitting on a mountain in the Grand Tetons, they realized how little actually exists, and what does has no say in existing. They humanize this philosophical realization in a fun two-minute animated music video with just enough supernatural horror to warrant a non sequitur title like “Chipmunk”.

As the character leaves his existential thoughts at a party to take an existential journey, the humor of raccoons stealing beer and Naruto running away from a bear shifts to the dramatic conclusion.

As the music slows and the harmony swells, our protagonist tumbles from the perch of safety and into the chipmunk’s mouth. The rhythm, which until now has chugged along with driving energy, becomes sparse and accentuating. The gentle vocals conclude the last syllable while the band keeps going. For that moment, existence is both hilariously and terrifyingly out of our hands.

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Watch “Chipmunk” below.


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