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We rarely vividly remember our dreams. Sometimes it feels almost a miracle when we're able to have the slightest bit of recollection of them in the first place; even the vaguest. But if you've ever wanted to hear the literal incarnation of the feeling of trying to recall your dreams in music form, here's something for you.

"Dreams", the latest single by artist Aurelia de la Costa, is an experience that you do not want to miss out on. It's synthy, pop-tinged, and dreamy in all the right places. It's a journey that doesn't rely much on words alone but on what the track's combined sound invokes in our measly human brains.

Starting with the humble but trippy sound of strings, "Dreams" ensnares you into its jaws and swallows you whole in its soundscape. The song amplifies with trepidation. It's clear, but still vague. The vocals are spacey and sort of distant, and yet they feel so close to you.

There isn't a single word in the world that can describe this song and still give it justice. It's impossible. The best part is that what you think of when you listen to it varies from person to person. It's that good. There is no specific feeling that it wants to make you feel, but what you do end up feeling is niche enough to make it seem like it does.

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This song may not help you remember what happens while you're sleeping, but it makes you feel as if you're right there.

Stream "Dreams" by Aurelia de la Costa below.

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