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Chamber pop is one of those genres that aren't quite explored and appreciated as much as it should be. Yes, it has rock elements, but it's still full of layers that give a more chill vibe to it. To put it simply, it's good oldies-tinged music. Thankfully, Brooklyn-based band Attics acknowledge this with their new single, titled "Matinee", which is a tribute to '70s chamber pop.

While ironically a song about being taken for granted, "Matinee" is full of instrumentals that'll leave you relaxed and satisfied. The most prominent sounds you can hear throughout the song are its gentle bassline, along with the show-stealer of the entire thing: the glockenspiel.

Its shimmering bell sounds are simply divine, elevating the song to its full potential. Of course, the vocals and the harmonies sprinkled here and there are the main contributors, but something about that glockenspiel hits completely different.

Going back to what the song is about, you'll probably wonder at first how matinees, daytime theatre performances, are related to being taken for granted. Well, if you haven't realized yet, both situations are just people acting, with you as the audienceβ€”or the victim.

And once you realize the truth, you're left wondering if it's still worth watching them go at it, knowing full well that it's all just a performance to get you to spend your resources on them. The most frustrating part is you still eat it up and go along with it. You're stuck in your seat, forced to "stay through the matinee."

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Stream the song below.

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