Arms Akimbo - Marble

It’s the end of an era for Arms Akimbo as Christopher Kalil leaves the four-man band. “Marble” is among the last songs they recorded as the original lineup.

The streamlined version of Arms Akimbo will now include Peter Schrupp on guitars and vocals, Matthew Sutton on drums, and Colin Boppell on bass. As a “lost tapes” kind of thing, the band released an eponymous EP—where “Marble” is the closing track—to celebrate the growth that fans have fallen in love with over the last five years and as a reflection on how they choose to start this new era.

Celebrating Women in Music

With a bright and sparkly opening, the sparse texture quickly gives way to a raspy and rougher vocal line that grabs your attention. Longing for love and idolizing beauty sit forefront in the lyrics, but the vocals foreshadow young love’s tension.

As the chorus hits, the rhythm changes, pulsing like a nervous heart. “Can we let go while our hearts start forming?” It’s a question directed as much to the statuesque beauty they’ve fallen for as well as themselves.

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The inner reflection continues at 2:26 when the bass, drums, and reverb drop out. The hollowed-out sound preludes the full uncertainty the song leaves you with. By the end, all three lead melodies overlap. The chaos swirls like the confusion of young love. “Please, don’t get so far from me,” they conclude. And then silence—an answer to their plea.

Stream “Marble” or all of the EP below.


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