Monday, September 25, 2023

What happens when we willfully buy into the propaganda? When the lie is more palatable than cutting our losses? This is the inside perspective of both the USSR and Apacalda’s latest single, “SSR”.

Just as the USSR pumped out bright, cheerful messages of victory to each SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) amidst the crushing reality of collapse, Apacalda has crafted their own playful depiction of a romantic relationship devoid of any future. As they sing, it’s a “superficial sexual ritual”; their own SSR.

Between Cassandra Angheluta’s melancholic voice and the dark, claustrophobic corridors in the music video, Apacalda plunges deep into a contradictory world. The almost bubbly percussion and verdant fields are a façade for the deeper sadness beneath the surface. “I can’t even hear you speaking to me,” Angheluta laments in a dreamy tone.

The soft, engulfing synths nestle into the Uncanny Valley of sound offering a quantized facsimile of warmth. The ascending scales mock what should be a joyous melodic line. At every turn, the music chooses ignorance over reality, beautifully sweeping us into the willful darkness. We’re left wanting the lie just as much as Apacalda.

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Watch “SSR” below.

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