An Echoic - Bad Weather

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As the late Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh said, “We’re afraid of being overwhelmed by the pain, so we always seek to run away from it. There’s loneliness, fear, anger, and despair in us. Mostly we try to cover it up by consuming.” An Echoic’s latest single, “Bad Weather”, explores suffering in a similar way, by wrapping it in a more palatable, upbeat tempo.

That combo of deep existential lyrics with a light, happy-go-lucky rhythm bouncing along makes the meaning hit harder. We only understand the pain after we’ve experienced it; in the moment, we just carry on.

An Echoic even sings a line about how he’ll “never stop deceiving myself.” It’s a line with all the attention pointed at it, with multiple musical treatments, including one where the harmony all but drops out to leave it exposed and vulnerable.

Unconventional musical moments pop up all over “Bad Weather”. The entire second verse is in Swedish, An Echoic’s mother tongue. It’s deeply personal and heart-wrenching. Even if you don’t understand the words, you understand their meaning.

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To enjoy the song, you just have to listen. To understand it, you need to be an active listener. Tie the lyrics and emotions together to address the pain.

Stream “Bad Weather” below.


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