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Alyce's debut album, Allegory, holds a genre-stretching, metaphor-laced anthem called "Master of Disguise". The LA-based artist's introspective lyrics, like "I lost my keys, my curtain's drawn," alternate between gently floating over her dense instrumentation and plunging listeners straight into her catchy melody. Her deft flips between these tones underscore the myriad complexities hidden in this gem.

On paper, the funky bassline and gurgling synths sound like they shouldn't have a place in a soft rock song, but Alyce integrates them flawlessly with her unique mix of modern pop, soul, and rock sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the greats like Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles, her tough and tender timbre sits closer to Fleet Foxes doing alternative rock.

In her aggressive lines like "destroy my reputation," you can hear her emotion plain. The morose, yet catchy line shifts everything into high gear with a rapid-fire melody and a short drum fill building into the second chorus, the slow descent back to a quieter ending begins.

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As the warbling synths fade to silence, the drums back off and the instrumentation grows fainter. Her final line is almost whispered, like a secret to her master of disguise.

Stream "Master of Disguise" and the rest of Allegory below.

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