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Music taste is subjective for everyone. Some may like mellow acoustic sounds more than rock, and there might be some who want tunes that are good to dance and vibe along to. Very rarely is there a genre created that can satisfy two parties at once. One of those is indietronica. A sweet spot between electronica, indie, and pop, it's a distinct yet familiar sound that anyone can appreciate; a genre that Alta Falls execute perfectly in their new single.

The Brisbane-based duo's latest release "Trust Me" is not just a groovy, synthy song. It's an experience that they had from way back when: the bygone era of 2017. It's their experience at the 2017 AFL Grand Final, which although quite bittersweet, was still enjoyable in the end.

This feeling of getting up from sad emotions with someone close to you is exactly what "Trust Me" promotes with its instrumentals and lyricism. Aided by producer Aidan Hogg and drummer Baz Jennings Hingston, the song is fully given its charming motifs of love and reassurance, complemented by catchy beats and synths, which is definitely the star of the show.

With "Trust Me", simplicity is key. It's a track that can be enjoyed by anyone, especially with its simple lyrics that really get the point across well, and honestly benefits from this rather than if it was a lot more poetic with its approach. Just the lines from the chorus itself have so much weight despite not looking all too deep: "trust me, hold me closer, I think I'm falling in love with you more than anyone else."

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Overall, not only do Alta Falls please many, many music lovers with the genre that they chose for the track, but they've also satisfied those who just want pure, simple words that are easy to understand and relate with.

Stream "Trust Me" below.

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