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Spending a couple of years plagued by a global sickness is bound to have some negative effects on all our psyches. Anxiety and uncertainty: two things that make up a recipe for disaster, and no matter how hard we try to pick up the pieces, we simply can't do it alone.

Alejandro Montoya's debut single, "Breathe Again", is a soulful ballad about his experiences with anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic and how he got out of it through the one thing that everyone needs: love. No, not just the romantic, butterflies-in-your-stomach type of love, but just love in general. The one you get from your family, may it be from the bond of blood or by water.

The track is full of anecdotes expressing how thankful Montoya is for the ones he's close to because without them he wouldn't have been able to realize that he didn't need to recover all by his lonesome. That he just needed to take a break, and a deep breath.

Filled with the artist's soulful voice and harmonies, "Breathe Again" is backed up by its wonderful instrumental slightly reminiscent of retro crooner music. Together, they turn a song about anxiety over its head, becoming a ballad of love and appreciation that will move any generation.

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So if you're ever in a state of nervousness, have a listen to Alejandro Montoya's debut release and have it remind you to breathe. Who knows, it might even save your life.

Stream "Breathe Again" below.

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