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Somewhere in Manchester, Al Morris is making the best of a good day. In his debut single from the forthcoming Small Town Fever EP, he crafts a funky little way to dance out of despair.

The soulful, honest tune, "Feel Alright" opens in darkness. A simple guitar and a melancholy voice grumble a jeremiad with "There's a shadow hanging over me." Even with the rapid switch to high-energy instrumentation, the list goes on. "Even in a perfect world, I'll always find something wrong."

The clean horns and choral vocalizations lead the Motown heaviness into a brighter, sonic world. With a dry guitar lick doing double duty as a solo, the mood shifts as the lyrics grow more optimistic.

Sometimes things go alright even when we want to feel down. It's on us to take advantage of those days and forget about our worries long enough to see the world around us.

As the music shifts back to the slower, the darker timbre of the opening establishes a cycle. The return doesn't feel as oppressive as when it started. Now, it's a promise that another bright day will come as long as we look for it. "I can't tell you where this ends or where there might begin," Al Morris admits, but we're looking.

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Stream "Feel Alright" below.

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