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Hey, we've all been there. You've finally mustered up the courage to say what you're feeling. The person is right there in front of you. All you have to do now is open your mouth, and speak. But, you can't. The problem isn't what to say, but how you should go about saying it. And, well, inevitably, you just end up dodging the topic altogether. It's not that you're cowardly or whatever, you just can't find the words.

Don't worry, A Days Wait's new song, "Tongue Tied", sympathizes with you. Produced by Day Wave's Jackson Phillips, this track off the project's Lifeline EP will definitely fit that feeling of not being able to say what you want to say, with its dreamy vocals and poppy, subtly lo-fi instrumental.

Phillips's skills in production are exactly what the song needs, and although full of rhythmic elements and vocals, it doesn't feel jarring to listen to at all. If anything, this makes it work in its favor, giving "Tongue Tied" a more intense feel to it, as if our narrator is truly feeling some powerful emotions regarding what they've lost.

A line from the song that hits really hard comes from its chorus saying: "The space between us grows because I was so tongue-tied," showing how damning it really is when you choose to let your pride and awkwardness get in the way of what truly matters.

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This lovely song's narrator may be "Tongue Tied", but we should take this as a lesson. A lesson that teaches us to just, say whatever we feel when we have to, and not wait for the "right words" to come to us.

Stream the song below.

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