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Down on the Road, the debut offering from Filipino folk artist Timoteo, has been out for over a month, but the dust he hit on the freeway has not yet settled. In fact, fans have been wondering where he's ramblin' round as of writing, clueless that the workin' man is just busy keeping at it mighty hard.

The singer-songwriter shook the folk scene in Davao City when he released his 11-track album via Subtletape Recordings. Drenched in '60s-inspired traditional folk, Timoteo's musical poetry evokes emotions innate to life. From reflecting on how far he is from whatever he's working toward in "Hundred Miles" and navigating through uncertainty in "Where My Ramblin' Is Bound", to finding true love along the way in "White Woven Dress" and coming to terms with his impermanence in "To Ashes and Dust", Timoteo's introduction is filled with universal sentiments that have remained true since forever.

There's rawness throughout the 39-minute LP, with verses evidently crafted while Timoteo was most aware of where he is currently at in life and how he wishes to find just what truly matters along the way. The honesty and simplicity of the work cannot be more pronounced down to the very last and titular track as he strummed forward the songs as a wanderer would plan their next route: aimless, free-flowing, yet fulfilling in all respects, especially to one's actuality.

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Timoteo's first album wonderfully captures his personal reflections anyone who understands that being alive in itself is both a pat on the back and a gut punch can relate to. It's filled with mundane snaps that linger just because.

Stream Down on the Road below.

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