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Let’s admit it, life is kind of like a movie, except with you as the main character. There are highs, there are lows, and of course, enemies that you have to face on your journey. Sometimes though, the one greatest hurdle that you can’t beat turns out to be yourself. And just like in the movies when the main character finally defeats the final boss, you’re gonna need your own soundtrack to celebrate with for when you defeat yours.

Well, you’re in luck, because there’s no better choice other than Miguel Abella‘s latest song titled “Touch the Sky”. In the artist’s debut single, retro city pop meets dream pop with heavenly, techno vocals that scratch that itch in your brain just right, stacked on top of a feel-good instrumental. Listening to the song is a treat, having lots of layers and depth without it becoming too overwhelming.

Oh, and remember that all too specific analogy with beating that final boss in your own movie? That must have been what Abella was feeling when he wrote this song, having finally beaten a crippling depression that took over him. You could say that he went through a character arc of his own, using the spiritual guidance he got from a guru to steel himself and overcome the negativity in his life, along with heavily influencing the music he creates.

“It’s time again to be alone, but this time around I feel comfortable,” sings Abella in the first verse of “Touch the Sky”, signifying the newfound confidence and faith, thanks to his spiritual journey. The rest of the track continues with positive messages just like this, with each passing second making it very difficult to not dance and sing along with.

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Overall, the song cuts no corners of reassuring you that you, are the protagonist of this story; that you alone, can overcome any obstacle and eventually “touch the sky.”

Stream the track below.


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