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Shaira's agency says "Selos" removal "voluntary"; cover license from "Trouble Is a Friend" singer Lenka pending

AHS Channel promptly addressed the sudden removal of the trending song from streaming platforms.

Shaira Moro's management AHS Channel has confirmed it has "voluntarily" pulled out the singer's viral hit "Selos" from streaming platforms over allegations of copyright infringement.

In a Facebook post published shortly after netizens reported the track missing on Tuesday, March 19, the record label announced it has decided to take down "Selos" pending an agreement with "Trouble Is a Friend" artist Lenka Kripac to make Shaira's track an official cover of the Australian singer's 2009 hit single.

"As most of you may know, the melody that we have used is originally from a song entitled 'Trouble Is a Friend' by Lenka and as of the moment, we are already in contact with her team for us to make 'Selos' an official cover," it said.

"Selos" became popular on TikTok among Filipino users after its release in November 2023. To date, the official music video has already been viewed more than nine million times. While Shaira's team acknowledged it used Lenka's song as a reference, it failed to obtain the required license to use its tune nor give appropriate songwriting credits to Kripac and co-writer Thomas "Tawgs" Salter in the distributed master.

Lenka, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, has earlier taken action amid the controversy, as shown in a screenshot of an alleged comment exchange on one of her Instagram posts.

After checking, it appears that the comment has been removed and the user's profile has been deactivated. It is worth noting that some reports indicate Lenka has taken "legal" action, despite the absence of the word in her response.

The Mindanao-based agency also thanked those who have supported "Selos" for their positive reception of the song, which the team admittedly "did not expect to become this big" and even led to Shaira being crowned as the Queen of Bangsamoro Pop. AHS Channel ended its post by saying it hopes the public will "show [Shaira] the same love and acceptance" once the song is made available again.

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Read AHS Channel's post in full below.

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