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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

South Republik's ambiance became the backdrop for an enchanting live music session on Thursday, uniting three up-and-coming indie acts in an intimate setting.

Timoteo, Trex Bisnar, and Isla Riddim took the stage one after another, each bringing their distinctive style to the forefront. Bathed in a muted glow, the connection between these featured artists and the crowd underwent a subtle transformation, moving from an almost unspoken understanding to a deeply personal interaction.

Timoteo kicked off the gig with his folk melodies, delivering a set that echoed the likes of Bob Dylan. With an acoustic guitar in hand and a harmonica at the ready, the young musician from Catalunan proved to be among Davao's most unique talents of the moment. "To ashes we burn/ to dust we return," sang Timoteo, later noting that it's a reminder that everything has its time and shall pass.

Following suit was Trex Bisnar, whose Bisaya songs navigate the intricacies of love and everyday social nuances. The guitar-wielding musician delivered a performance that was both sentimental and reflective. Speaking to Holodeck Productions' Sandy Kiamko, the Skimp Pocket vocalist revealed having pulled out his single "Kalendaryo" from streaming platforms, expressing his intention to reconsider certain aspects of the song that he believed could still be improved.

The air was thick with the promise of discovery as these emerging artists poured their passion into the dimly lit room. Despite the absence of a sizable crowd, the place pulsated with quiet energy and pure love for indie music.

Marking the perfect climax to the Songwriters Night was Isla Riddim's unique acid jazz fusion-infused performance. The pair's eclectic blend of genres was a mesmerizing sonic feat that gave listeners an exciting preview of what they have in store. With a single already scheduled for release by the end of February, last night's performance by Isla Riddim was a tantalizing glimpse, offering the audience a free taste of the band's forthcoming breakthrough.

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Nestled along Cabaguio Avenue in Davao City, South Republik houses Holodeck Productions' Songwriters Night franchise and brings indie music center stage every Thursday. Watch the full gig below.

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