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A hoax news claiming Filipino music icon Ely Buendia had died—again—went uncontrollably viral Monday midnight, roughly two days following his most recent gig with Apartel at Tagaytay Art Beat 2 last February 4.

The report, with the headline "BREAKING NEWS: Ely Buendia natagpuang patay sa loob ng kotse sa Tagaytay," deceivingly leads readers to a fake ABS-CBN News blog (now renamed ABIAS-CBN News) where the made-up story about the OPM giant's tragic demise is detailed.

Thousands of worried fans immediately checked Buendia's social media accounts and waited for the singer to dismiss the rumor. They only calmed down after Buendia posted proof of life with this tweet:

The "Ely Buendia is dead" hoax is not new for the rock legend. Almost every year, many fake news sources surface everywhere reporting his untimely death—when he is in fact doing great and is literally in good shape. Here's even a video clip of him rocking with Apartel at Tagaytay Art Beat 2, contrary to the false news item's claim that Buendia died while on his way to the event:

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Ely Buendia is one of the most respected musicians in the Philippines, having made a name in the country's music scene since his big breakthrough with Eraserheads in the '90s. Buendia currently plays with Pupil and Apartel—but has recently teased fans about a new Eraserheads reunion concert (apparently in Singapore).

Buendia will be playing with Pupil on February 8 to support Peryodiko in launching their new album, Cara y Cruz.

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