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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Subtle guitars, relaxing rhythmic beats, and synth accents make for an alluring track that will take you on a dreamlike getaway. "Morning Sun" is the new single from Duara, the dynamic Jakartan duo of Renita Martadinata and Robert MR. Best known for their imaginative and unique music production taste, they're joined by Vira Talisa on this brand-new offering.

The title is stark, and it says it all. "Morning Sun" is all about longing for bliss once again. Just like seeing the rays of the sun, there is also a sense of assurance that everything will be alright. Looking at the cover suggests that this song will radiate calm energy throughout. With a more upbeat feel, it's a distinctive take from their usual mellow counterparts.

Sonic-wise, the song is absolutely compellingβ€”like you'll naturally get drawn to it. The '70s pop influence brims really well, highlighting the fluidity of the song. A slight hint of jazz takes over the instrumentals, and there's subsequent exchange and blending of charmingly saccharine vocals. Everything about the track speaks quality.

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Along with their past releases, "Morning Sun" is yet another reason to love Duara. Listening to it just once is unheavenly. Put it on repeat and dance under the rays.

Stream "Morning Sun" below.

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