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Gift your beloved the life they earnestly yearn for with TONEEJAY’s “711”

This soulful track will take you on a journey into the depths of love, ambition, and the desire to provide a cherished one with the life they’ve always dreamed of.

“Maglalagay ako ng 7-Eleven sa highway / kahit ayaw kong maging kapitalista,” sings TONEEJAY in his last single for 2023, musing about the possibility of writing that hit song so he could buy his dream house to put up a branch of the renowned convenience store on. A fresh addition to his growing repertoire, “711” emerges as the best new anthem for when you want a loved one to know you just want the best for them.

Each line is a tender brushstroke, delicately unveiling the intricate emotions that accompany the aspiration to gift a cherished one a life beyond imagination. TONEEJAY’s vocals, adorned with a subtle hint of soulful crooning, lend an air of authenticity to the narrative.

“711” artwork

The deliberate choice of a nostalgic sound palette, featuring lush orchestrations and dreamy instrumentation—reminiscent of Soccer Mommy’s “circle the drain”—further enhances the emotional depth of the song. With every chord struck unfolds a daydream, gracefully revealing its charm.

He then delves deeper into his aspirations, expressing a desire to take his beloved to Shibuya or envisioning a retirement in Canada. And as the chorus swells, the song reaches its crescendo, echoing the profound desire to create a haven of happiness and fulfillment for a beloved. The former Munimuni vocalist solidifies this commitment with a deeply sincere reassurance, “At gagawin ko’ng kahit ano.”

TONEEJAY’s imagination transforms the mundane into a canvas of possibilities, showcasing the power of dreams to transcend the ordinary and inspire a world of boundless aspirations. With “711”, TONEEJAY invites us to appreciate the beauty of dreaming big in a selfless manner: “‘Di bale na ako, oh / Ikaw lang naman / Ikaw lang iniisip ko.” Indeed, that which we wish for may be regarded as wishful thinking for now, yet it bears the potential to inspire not only personal desires but also to craft a more beautiful and fulfilling world for those we hold dear.

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Watch the lyric video below.

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