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Nothing beats a song that catches your heart right from the start. From the instrumental to the vocals and lyrics, it all just seems perfect for you. You find yourself looking at its layers and appreciating them individually, then realizing that you didn't really do this when it came to other songs. No, this one is special.

That's what Filipino-Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Eris Justin's latest single, "withyou", will do to you. You'll be completely enamored by its complexity, yet surprised by how on the surface it all sounds so simple and familiar. It's these qualities that end up getting right through to you, and you're thankful for discovering such an awesome song.

Marking the artist's return home to Los Angeles after working in the Philippines for a major label and doing a country-wide tour, "withyou" is easily one of the artist's greatest releases to date. It's a statement to the world that he deserves to be heard, and with good reason.

Starting off with lone beats and guitar that's reminiscent of bedroom pop, the track eases the listener into its rockier elements. The entrance of the drums doesn't feel forced at all, and the transition is so subtle that it's in no way jarring to hear. Eris's soulful vocals and harmonies complete the song and essentially round it out and give it its charm.

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If you're still unconvinced that "withyou" isn't an utter vibe, then find it below and listen for yourself. Trust us, you won't be able to get enough.

Stream the song below.

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