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Yellow House

Personal struggles have long been a source of inspiration for artists. Emile van Dango joins this long tradition with Yellow House's latest single, "Saviour Complex".

Baring his soul through childhood pains, strained relationships, and his struggle with sobriety, van Dango asks for neither forgiveness nor even understanding. "Saviour Complex" merely shows the battles of social dysfunction, addiction, and mental illness and lets you come to your own conclusion through a human lens. It is a request of empathy, not sympathy.

"They say I won't recover," he admits. "I'm too far gone." Even when his delivery is purposefully flat, Yellow House extract emotional weight from the saturated synths swelling behind it. The deadpan moments almost carry more weight, like van Dango has no more energy to fight. And as the track shows, it's been a long fight.

From the start, van Dango clarifies, "It all started to unravel in the spring of '94." And by the time it ends, heavenly choral ahs take us to the outro. Is there revelation or death? Again, it feels like Yellow House is leaving that to us to decide.

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Stream "Saviour Complex" below.

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