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Griffin Robillard

Sometimes you're in a relationship you know doesn't make any sense. There's relief, hope, and even joy when you show them the door. Griffin Robillard's latest single, aptly called "The Door", embraces that release.

Opening with an ethereal soundscape, there's half a hope for something happy. But Robillard's rich baritone enters with quick-cutting lines and visceral sarcasm. "You love me, but you didn't like me very much," he states. It's almost a jokeโ€ฆalmost.

The biting truth rises behind his melody in an almost Broadway-esque manner. In fact, the harmonic progression feels right at home in a musical number. As the chords rise and shift, you can envision a character sweeping across a stage delivering an aside to the audience in a big pop musical number. "I put my foot in my mouth every chance I got" rings like a line stamped across billboards.

Robillard's clear vocals focus you like stage lights, making each witty line all the more impactful. "Only a host and its parasite could explain why you stay with me," he admits. Get ready to give Robillard his standing ovation.

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Stream "The Door" below.

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