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Humanity is scum. At least, according to Nrvs in their latest single, "Scum". This third track from their upcoming episodic EP, I Like You, continues the dystopian sci-fi visuals and "nightmare-normal" look at the future. In "Scum", a claymation-meets-CGI grape purple bubble monster goes on an acid trip with usβ€”your run-of-the-mill nightmare fuel right there.

But as the distorted guitars kick into gear, it's fun to revel in fate. "We're the future of the human race, and we're scum!" they happily sing. There's a hint of glee in our downward spiral into despair and destruction.

"We're the reason that you locked your door," they warn. But in the same breath, they acknowledge that "you keep coming back for more." They're "your worst nightmares coming true. That's right, we're a lot like you."

The surreal video and driving melody turn the abrasive minimalist post-punk track into something darkly enjoyable. As Nrvs says, "we're the future of the human race, and we're fucked." But acknowledging that doesn't mean we can't enjoy being scum.

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Watch "Scum" below.

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