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Rob Quo

Rob Quo forged his sound through the traditions of folk and blues. That sense of unadorned truth carries through to his latest alt-rock single, "Ain't Even Liv'd". With a slight hitch in his voice, he admits "I'm alive but I ain't even liv'd."

But as honest as his lyrics are, his guitar speaks even clearer. Those chords and emotive melody act like an unfiltered friend saying what he's too polite to speak. It's an old-timey combo that blends his modern sensibilities with the gritty wake-up call he's giving himself—stop wasting time and live life better.

The opening digital swirls feel like he's dragging us back with him into his memories. Prominent bass, sparse drums, and organ chords keep us from latching onto any one musical time period. It's timeless and immediate.

It beautifully mirrors his outro, where that overly honest guitar takes on the time-swirling function, slowly building towards the determined final cadence. This mission statement begins as soon as the final note finishes.

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Get a taste of "Ain't Even Liv'd", the first track from his 5-track collection called Let It Spin.

Stream "Ain't Even Liv'd" below.

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