Sunday, September 24, 2023

Los Angeles alt-pop band VUES today released a new synthy pop treat. The track, titled “Magic Mama”, sees the band in a much slower, rather introspective mood as frontman and lead songwriter Michael Glines illustrates through chorus-dredged guitars “a strained relationship with a mother figure.” Depicting in the lyrics a messy house and discord, Glines delivers a story that is nothing short of gloomy and sorrowful.

“Magic Mama” is the third release from the band thus far since their 2018 debut. Drawing influences from Arctic Monkeys, Young the Giant, and Tame Impala, to name a few, VUES uniquely combine the lyrical and melodic touches of indie rock and pop—old and new. Their songwriting is built around Glines’ knack for atmospheric, dreamy guitar riffs and emotive vocal fiats.

“The track heavily features the Minimoog Model D’s classic and timeless bass sound, a synthesizer used by the likes of Electric Light Orchestra, Tame Impala, and Thom Yorke,” Glines revealed in a press release. According to the then sole member of the project, the sonic anatomy of “Magic Mama” has to do with the emotion involved. “The heavy bass pulses through a slow groove deep enough to physically feel in one’s body while opening up emotional spaces to allow the narrative to come to life before your eyes.”

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VUES originally began as a three-piece involving Michael Glines, bassist Adam Pardee, and drummer Chris Durant. Be sure to follow the outfit today.

Stream “Magic Mama” below.

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