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Violet Aurora are back with their first single in 2021. The track, titled "Rain's Pouring Down", is a poignant, wistful soliloquy on an ill-fated relationship approaching its inescapable end.

The effort comes only a few months following the more enthusiastic and upbeat "Somewhere Brighter", which won them both UNXIGNED Artist of the Year and UNXIGNED Song of the Year (People's Choice) in 2020.

Recorded and mixed mainly on an iPad, the song sees the duo honing their DIY musical edge, particularly toying with a mellower, minimalistic style manifestly disparate and mood-setting.

"The song is driven by confessional lyrics about the last days of being in a crumbling relationship," lead singer and songwriter Kath Choa explains, adding that the rather unexpected genre shift only has to do with how they felt the arrangement should be.

On this track the pair went for confessional lyrics and moving instrumental buildup, both of which trigger sentimental nuances throughout for good measure.

Last year the band announced that they have been demoing stuff for their first full-length and the new release, which Choa admittedly considers "the odd one," is among those that will appear on the much-awaited debut.

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Stream "Rain's Pouring Down" below.

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