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The past few days have been incredible and we're really, really stoked about what lies ahead. So today we're rolling out our own charting platform for all the artists we've had the honor to connect with thus far.

Starting today and until the end of May, our first UNXIGNED Artist of the Month poll will be live for everyone (artists included) to vote for their favorite artist among the awesome, talented acts we've altogether discovered this month!

Voters (artists/fans) are encouraged to not only cast their votes but more importantly to follow and stream our UNXIGNED All-In Spotify playlist and select as many songs as they like to add to their own playlists as a way of showing support. On top of that, so doing will help boost their chances of getting picked up by other publications too, which sounds sweet, right?

To learn more and take part in this promotional effort, simply join our UNXIGNED Charts group on Facebook and vote for your top artist right away!

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