Thursday, November 30, 2023
Tiny Kingdoms

Those first days of a new relationship feel fraught with uncertainty and excitement. That lack of confidence yet upbeat hope beats in Tiny Kingdoms’ latest single, “Yuna”.

With a bright, open beginning quietly screaming both giddiness and anxiety, Tiny Kingdoms set the stage for this dancey, emotional journey. As the beat kicks in, the song kicks into gear.

“What you know about me?” they ask—the unknown acknowledged on both sides of this equation. But as the lead singer repeats lines, it’s almost like he’s psyching himself up. Lyrics like, “kisses slipped in the back of the car. Find a way to be where you are,” feel more addressed to himself than his new lover.

It’s a complicated relationship blooming, mirrored in the complicated drum rhythm. Bouncing off the offbeats, the unsteadiness parallels their own mental state. And when the bridge hits, it takes center stage, pounding out like an adrenalated heart.

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In a voiceless conclusion, the melodic guitar riffs guide us away from the lovers. They’re too occupied now. No uncertainty there.

Watch the official visual for “Yuna” below.

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