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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Little Suspicions

From the first beat, Little Suspicions open "Thinking Lately" with tightly packed energy. The band, just over a year old, call themselves "moody romantics," and "Thinking Lately" lands right in that camp.

From the opening line, the pining for a lover who's found someone new settles over the tonality. "I have heard something today about you/ I really hope what they say ain't trueβ€”you found someone new."

The striking instrumental melodic moments have a slight marcato texture like there's a forced space between the connected elements. The bright synth layers a fake sparkle over rich harmony. The pain in each instrumental line bolsters Moritz Meyns' intimate vocal quality behind each phrase.

Joey Lyon, Conor Toner, and Craig Barden sustain the energy, stretching and pulling it to perfection under the lyrics squeezed into each bar. Little Suspicions pack so much into so little time. "Please don't say you hate," they plead.

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The fast and rich delivery supported by the bouncing harmony portrays the literal meaning as well as the subtext of fishing for sympathy from their ex. It's complexity wrapped in a catchy indie tune.

Stream "Thinking Lately" below.

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