Laura Lucas

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Laura Lucas opens her latest single, “Harmon Avenue”, with the line, “I grew up in a house that had tall, tall ceilings in the living room.” Like a confidant, she shares moments of her past over a gentle guitar arpeggio and atmospheric synths. We’re immediately transported to memories of her childhood home in Winnipeg, Canada.

She follows up those concrete details with warm anecdotes. “When Christmas came around, we’d always get the biggest tree we could find,” she concludes the opening lyric. Charming and heartfelt, we’re brought deeper into the complex relationship Laura has with home and all the memories there.

The fact that she’s moving across the world to Melbourne, Australia, only two days after “Harmon Avenue” releases makes this song doubly impactful. You can feel the longing and excitement in the growing energy of the chorus. Her life story slowly becomes more tangible.

By the time the outro starts, the beat almost marches forward on its own. We can feel her leaving while admonishing herself to remember everything that made this place special. “Remember how the snow felt beneath our feet.” Remember to remember.

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Stream “Harmon Avenue” below.


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