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Naomi Pacifique

With low, almost lonely tones, Naomi Pacifique opens her sultry new single, "the sea is coming in". As the other instruments join, the void between the rolling tones fills and the intimate setting is set.

Pacifique's almost spoken lyrics draw you deep into this moment in San Sebastian, Spain. There's a current through the words that mirrors the ocean. At points, she lets you float calmly in a narrative, then sharply tugs you beneath the emotional waves with a long, held note that hums.

"The beach in the evening, the bed at dark," she teases. She paints an evocative picture over the subtle melodies and quiet harmony. Every note pulls inspiration from the sea.

As the first of three planned singles coming from Naomi Pacifique this year, "the sea is coming in" offers a rich return to songwriting. Each single will feature a collaboration with an Amsterdam-based musician. For "the sea is coming in", Pacifique partnered with SEON for the rumbling drums.

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Watch "the sea is coming in" below.

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