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Indie rock group The Drives have released a new song. The track, titled "OCD", was released last Friday and was written in response to lead singer Andrew Levin's history with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Forming in early 2017, the three-piece from Southern California have released a steady stream of solid singles over the past few years, recording them all in their DIY bedroom studio in Los Angeles.

Their sound is a blend of indie rock and indie pop influences, and their latest single offers a catchy, yet personal exploration into mental health awareness.

Levin gave insight on how his relationship with his mental health inspired the creation of the song. "I always knew something was 'up' with my head and knew that I would eventually have to address what it is that was going on," the frontman revealed in a statement. "However, I was pretty terrified to tell people around me what was going on in my mind, so I resisted talking about it to anyone."

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"I'm never gonna let you in my head," Levin sings in the chorus, expressing his reluctance to open up to others. Ultimately, however, "OCD" proves to be a cautionary tale, relaying the importance of being open about the state of one's mental health.

Stream "OCD" below.

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