We’re all trying to work on ourselves in some capacity. And Glasgow-based three-piece TEOSE lay out that struggle in “What’s Going On”, coming to terms with those aspects of themselves that they just don’t like.

There’s a contrast embedded in every element. Self-aware chorus lyrics bounce between not being in control to owning their own actions in the verses. The fuzz-laden guitar riffs drive the vocals in places before falling back and letting Melissa Brisbane’s chill punk tones narrate the inner battle. Even the drums, which ground the piece in all its swings, create and push and pull dynamic with the harmony.

Brisbane’s tight vocal harmonies also weave powerful chords out of clashing notes. There’s just enough dissonance to evoke the frustration and bitter acceptance underscoring her words. “I never really understand you, I never planned to anyway,” she confesses. A perfect balance of emotions and in-and-out-of-controlness.

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As the lead single in their upcoming double single release, it’s a visceral introduction to their latest work.

Stream “What’s Going On” below.

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