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Recovering from anything is draining, doubly so when the underlying issue is mental. It's easy to lose yourself in the process, stagnating between better and ok. "My Meds" by talker treads water alongside all those suffering from these points in recovery.

"Tell me how I'm supposed to feel," Celeste Tauchar asks. As she fights the sparkling tulle fabric in her music video, she continuously falls back into bed through manic and depressive episodes. Struggling to leave and live life, the heart-wrenchingly muted emotion behind the vocals leaves everything intensely vulnerable. Tauchar captured this drained emotion by recording herself singing lying on her floor.

Even the harmony, devoid of guitars, opens up an instability of motion. Any push from talker sends the music in a new direction. Tauchar specifically omitted guitars because they are her musical crutch.

But, as the music video shows, crutches are hard to let go. Even after the full struggle, the woman clutches the tulle as she falls back in bed. talker shows what we can accomplish when we take those scary steps but clearly shows the raging war within ourselves to abandon the ease of the familiar status quo.

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Watch "My Meds" below.

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