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Jason Matu

Take a step back in time with Jason Matu and his friends to their beloved "Austin Street"

A bit of country and bit of rock combine into a grand ole tale of nostalgia.

Legally speaking, Jason Matu has a way with words. With his law degree, he makes every word count in his latest single, "Austin Street". Dropping the lawyer shtick to become a music legend, he's off to a good start.

"Austin Street" is a grand ole tale brimming with nostalgia for a time when he hung out with his friends Taina and Supriya on the titular "Austin Street" in Forest Hills, New York. Unapologetically happy percussion and a simplistic beat quickly transport you back to a time when there was less to worry about.

Jason Matu's relaxed swing and carefree attitude throughout "Austin Street" has an almost Jimmy Buffett quality. And there's a bit of escapism in there too. "Doesn't matter where we meet; in my heart, it's on Austin Street."

Memorializing this place and all the wonderful memories he has there, we're left to think back on our own Austin Streets. And with just a light sprinkle of piano chords, we can walk back to those moments too.

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Stream "Austin Street" below.

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