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The latest single by pondhopper, "Fall Apart", was birthed from a relationship with someone "who used to be in my life," as they described it. This particular person held a strong belief in astrology. And while pondhopper don't exactly adhere to those beliefs, they found it fun to think about.

"Fall Apart" gives off serious Gemini vibes. The music video starts with a fishing trip in a lake. With careful selection, a man chooses a lure, casts, and gets it caught on something. With a stripped-back orchestration, this setup feels slightly melancholy. But by 0:45, the man dives to discover what he's hooked and the full band kicks in.

The twist is, he's hooked on an alternative version of his own lure. Yanked into the doppelganger's world, the music introduces unsteady sliding tones and sparkling xylophones scales that evoke the shimmering water and the magical realism of the narrative.

Lines like "it's coming up a trifle far too frequently for the algorithm to be functioning," referring to songs popping up in playlists, remind listeners that the song isn't about finding yourself, it's about missing that person who was like your other half. The beauty in both audio and visuals is the magical escape.

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Watch "Fall Apart" below.

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