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Philine Sonny is no stranger to creating music that'll surely hit home for any listener. Songs such as "Lose Yourself" and "Oh Brother" came from deep, emotional roots. Her latest track "People" is no exception.

Being the focus single off her upcoming debut EP, "People" is a song that speaks up about the problem of homelessness that has been present in our world for decades, with no signs so far of being resolvedโ€”an issue that chooses no one and seems to just keep getting worse.

The track is an exceptional look into Sonny's emotional writing, with a strong marriage of both poetry and lyricism. It begins with fairly straightforward lyrics, letting listeners know from the get-go who the song is for. Imagery in the song is striking, with one line explicitly telling of men having no home to sleep in other than the cold backseats of cars, really shining a light on the message.

Moreover, the song is completely self-produced by the artist, and comes with a simple yet beautiful music video where Sonny takes a journey across the US to pay homage to those who are unhoused. Although beginning somberly, the song eventually sheds its hopelessness once it reaches its peak during the second half.

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"People" isn't just poetry or art; it's a wake-up call. A call for those who have never realized how big the problem is just because it doesn't affect them, a call for those who turn a blind eye to the ones that need our help most. So don't be a stranger, don't let them down.

Stream "People" by Philine Sonny below.

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