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Soft Top Intrepid

Over the past two years, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at times. Having someone to lean on is essential. Soft Top Intrepid's second single, "Lemon Lung", captures that gratitude and sense of grounding with a bright, zesty take.

"How is it you know what I've thought before I've even thought it myself?" the two-man band of Rob LaPlante and Chris Galambos sing. That source of strength and deep understanding plays out across the shifting sonic soundscape they create. From rapid muting at 1:20 to a quieter, more distanced sound at 2:18, they continually tweak the timbre of their story.

But even in the stillest moments, there's a frenzy of energy. The rhythm and harmony never rest, building the overwhelming feeling directly into each beat. Even the playful guitars feel hyper like they can't stop. The line "got no time to take time off" especially captures this racing sensation.

Despite the anxious tones, "Lemon Lung" keeps things light. A bright, happy warbling synth lifts the darkest moments back into a bouncy place. You leave feeling like there's someone there beside you in your warring states of mind. And that energy is a special calming force in this beautiful storm they've created.

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Stream "Lemon Lung" below.

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