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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Sofi Gev in contemplation.

Enter, stage right: Hannah Lovelady in her solo project of Sofi Gev performing her new single, "You're the Star".

From the opening warbling chord, it's theatrical. Lyrics like poetry delicately render a character real before your ears. But is this the main character? That's what Sofi Gev asks in her first song in nearly three years.

"You're The Star" grooves through the thoughts of a woman caught in the routine of an emotionally abusive relationship. The harmony lulls along like the character, neatly hiding sharp details manipulating the meaning.

The gentle chords reverberate, lending as much rhythmic drive as the relentless kick drum. Bright, distorted vocals refract the lyrics, shattering them into a slightly sharp chord lilting out of the sound. And across everything, a warble like someone approaching their breaking point.

Each artistic choice pushes this narrative of playing a role someone else wrote and the exhausting, soul-crushing tole it takes. "There's a crack in my heart," Sofi Gev opens. The lyrical structure repeats with only minor changes, like repeating the same situation as a faithless lover finds new ways to repeat old mistakes.

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Stream "You're The Star" below.

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