Thursday, November 30, 2023
The Mellons

Andrew Beck and Rob Jepson, the songwriting duo behind The Mellons, have paired the vintage sounds of the sixties with the timeless struggle of love in “So Much to Say”. Their chorus plea, “I wana get closer. I wanna go deeper,” could fit into any decade.

With rocking drums elevating each musical moment, Ian Francis highlights the melancholy melody as much with his dense fills as with his silences. Combined with a supportive bassline from Dennis Fuller, the everchanging musical landscape feels unified with the modern sensibilities and the retro orchestration.

Each note from the band feels sincere, laddering back to the desire Andrew and Rob describe. Even the orchestral elements like the ringing of a bell add deeper meaning—it’s easy to hear that vibrant resonance as wishful wedding bells.

The vocal harmonies shift from a single-line melody to crunchy chords that emphasize the longing in the lines. Between the dissonant passing chords to the lingering minor second in the chorus as the melody moves down a step on “deeper” counter the sunshine guitar melody with rainstorm vocal lines.

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The study in duality makes this new single an exciting first look at what The Mellons will offer.

Watch “So Much to Say” below.

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