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Thursday, July 18, 2024

It can be hard to break the inertia of a relationship, especially one where the other person loves you. But if both sides can't commit, then sticking around can be far worse than staying for the wrong reasons. Seiichi reflects on these poor choices in his latest single, "Excuses". It's the first single off his debut EP, Felix Culpa, which explores his relationships post-divorce.

"Excuses" opens with start-and-stop guitar chords that sparsely fill out the acoustic environment. From the opening note, we're left hollow. His voice doubles down on this emotion with a sad and defeated tonality and lyrics like "my affliction is the fear of leaving you alone."

As Seiichi moves along the narrative, he introduces his failed opportunities to do the right thing. "I think I have the chance, but now we're talking about things you really want to do," he admits. The lack of strength comes from his unwillingness to move the conversation back and the ethereal harmony underneath his words.

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As the song moves into the outro, we get a quick percussive conclusion. It's almost a warning that if we don't take action, the end will come faster than we expect.

Stream "Excuses" below.

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