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A pulsing beat opens the latest single by Aversions, “Sharp Left Turns”. That driving undercurrent charts a path through the absurdities of Southeast Asian communist regimes that singer Sam Coll witnessed in his pre-pandemic travels.

The hammering harmony pounds with rapid motion, and the descending vocal lines, like toppling governments, carry a rallying tone like a miked political speech. Yet the lyrics drip with the twisted reality of life in these countries. “Kids whose casual fear is leash-loose collar-tight,” clearly spells out the cruel grasp of these leaders.

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But Aversions isn’t just critical of these countries. They take aim at American dollars propping them up. In this sense, it acts like a post-punk version of Guess Who’s “American Woman”—a Canadian band commenting on America’s destructive influence on Southeast Asia.

With Aversion’s music video, they break from “American Woman”, pointing towards America’s economy instead of military. Plastic bags appear over lamps and trees, almost like they’re being packaged for export. The virtually monochromatic band stands motionless in contrast to the raging music. Eventually, even they are wrapped in clear plastic, their lives a commodity in this atmosphere.

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Aversions have set up a study in contrast at every level. Despite the heavy riffs and twisting basslines, they end with a quiet outro, almost a eulogy. The sarcastic lyrics disappear and only the truth unpinning each chord remains.

Watch “Sharp Left Turns” below.


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